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What is Medical Malpractice?

Bakersfield Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Medical malpractice is a legal term that defines a medical professional's failure to provide care to a patient that is in accordance with accepted medical standards. Medical malpractice may range from a simple mistake to intentional wrongdoing and may cause serious injury to a patient or even wrongful death in some cases. One of the most common types of medical malpractice involves medication errors, such as the wrong medicine or wrong dosage amount administered or prescribed. Additional common forms of malpractice include: birth injuries, surgical injuries, misdiagnosis, and emergency room errors.

This website can act as a valuable source of information regarding medical malpractice cases and your rights. We welcome you to browse through any of the pages listed to the left of the screen. We have also included basic information about a few key topics below:

Surgical Injuries
Although virtually any surgery has the potential to cause harm to a patient due to unforeseen risks, there are situations where a negligent surgeon, anesthesiologist or nurse may cause a patient to be injured. Improper monitoring of a patient during surgery, leaving something behind, performing the wrong procedure or failing to provide standard postoperative care are all potential examples of malpractice that may lead to patient injury. Read more about surgical injuries

A key part of the medical care that a doctor provides is the diagnosis of an illness or injury. This is how the doctor can then determine how to treat the condition. A misdiagnosis occurs when a doctor assigns the signs, symptoms and test results of one medical condition to another. This may lead to a patient with a life-threatening injury being discharged from the hospital or may mean that a patient will receive the wrong type of medication or procedure. Read more about misdiagnosis

Emergency Room Errors
The emergency room is a busy place. Doctors and nurses who work in emergency rooms must therefore be highly competent in making quick and accurate diagnoses of patients, admitting those who require immediate care to ensure they receive the treatment they need. Unfortunately, overworked, tired or inexperienced medical professionals may make mistakes, leading to serious patient injury. Read more about emergency room errors

Any type of medical malpractice may have serious consequences to unsuspecting patients and their families. Fortunately, patients who have suffered medical injuries as a result of malpractice or negligence may take legal action in civil court against the doctors or medical facilities responsible for what they have endured.

Medical Malpractice Claims and Lawsuits

A victim of medical malpractice can work with an attorney to file a civil lawsuit against the responsible doctor or medical facility, seeking justice in civil court. Most of these cases are settled outside of the courtroom, but litigation in court may be necessary to reach the best possible outcome. In filing a claim, a victim will be seeking compensatory damages for his or her injuries. Compensatory damages are money paid to a victim from the responsible party for medical care, lost wages and other items that will help a victim rebuild his or her life to a similar position as before the injury occurred. Some medical malpractice claims may result in a victim receiving a significant amount of money, particularly in cases involving a wrongful death or a victim who suffered life-altering injuries.

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